The Principles of Love (Principles of Love #1)

The Principles of Love


   Author: Emily Franklin

Publisher: Open Road Media YA

Original Release Date: 7/5/05

This Edition: 11/12/13



*I received this book from NetGalley for review*

Quote I liked:

“Flowerless and without pre-scripted dialogue, he isn’t perfect. He’s real.”


Goodreads Synopsis:


What do you really know about Love?


Love’s her name, but it’s not her whole story . . .


Love Bukowski is a new sophomore at Hadley Hall, the posh prep school where her father is now principal. Raised by her single dad (with more than a little help from her funky aunt Mable), almost-sixteen-year-old Love is strong willed, with a wry sense of humor—but will she fit into the world of Hadley Hall? In the made-for-TV version of her life, she’s got cool friends and hot guys galore. But being a “fac brat” makes new friends hard to come by, and the guys—well, that remains to be seen. Now Love’s got to step it up if she’s going to overcome her less-than-glamorous reality and get that walk-on role in her own fantasies.


My Thoughts:


The plot in this book was adorable. WARNING: this book contains a love triangle *cue scary music.* I loved how well developed the characters in this novel were.  Love, the main character, was very well-crafted to be a musician and an angst-filled teenage girl. Love’s love interests (haha) were super cute, and kept me reading to discover who she would end up in a relationship with.


What I disliked about this book was the pacing. I became extremely confused in some parts of this book, because the author did not transition well. Time would pass between paragraphs, which was not made clear, so I had to either re-read them or keep reading and infer that time had passed. This book was also quite predictable as I neared the close of the book. Also, the book was fairly crude as well.


Overall, the book was a pleasant read. The main character was 16 years old, so I suppose I would recommend this to 16 year-olds at a minimum.


The Book:










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