*I was sent this book for a review by the author*

Author: Greg Schroeder

Publisher: Smashwords

Release Date: September 2013


Quote I loved:

“Oh, the dichotomy of a dad Loving the good but dreading the bad. So proud he’s growing up. So sad he’s growing up” (Schroeder 4).  


Goodreads Synopsis:

More poems of calm, quiet, hope, and everyday happiness. Featuring a series on Hurricane Sandy as well as the transitions we all face – summer to fall, child to adult, storm to quiescence.

My Thoughts:


I thought this poetry collection to be very well written and filled with emotion. My favorite work would be “Dichotomy,” which explored the inner workings of a father’s mind.

I think that Schroeder is a most talented poet who possesses a gift of conveying emotions in a relatable way.

I did, however, feel as if the collection was missing something. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but it did leave a bit to be desired. Perhaps it needed the poems to be divided into more tangible categories. I was a bit confused because there were specific groups for certain poems, however, I couldn’t tell how some were meant to be related. 

Overall, I quite enjoyed this book and would definitely recommend it. Age-wise, I would recommend Transitions to ages 14 and up.


The Book:



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