What I Thought of the Divergent Movie

Okay, so yesterday night I went to see Divergent. I arrived with four other people an hour early. I was so proud of myself for beating the crowd. Did we actually? No. No we did not. I pre-ordered the tickets, so I didn’t have to wait in line at the ticket office only to discover that they were sold out. So we strolled past the ticket guy who was scanning tickets ready to go into the theater and then I see it. The line. The ghastly line that I was so trying to avoid. We had to wait in it to get into the theater. UGH. The theater was literally a mad house-there were so many people there, mainly teenagers I thought, and some of them were even dressed in faction garb, which I found hilarious. Finally, we settled into our seats and it began. I loved this movie! The crowd reacted collectively-clapping, sighing, and cheering at the same scenes (which was highly entertaining in itself). The movie, though, was fantastic. I was so glad to see that much of the movie remained true to the book, as book-to-movie adaptations so often do not. I thought that the actors were fantastic, as was the pacing and the sets. There were a few things that I was slightly irritated by however. The actress who played Cristina was way shorter than the actress who played Tris (correct me if I am wrong, but in the book it is supposed to be the other way around). Also, here was no chemistry between Al and Tris. He talked to her a bit and his face was shown, but other than that they were not really even friends in the movie (until SPOILER****he tries to kill her). Generally though, I totally fell in love with this movie and cannot wait until the next one (Is there to be a next one? I hope so/would assume so! If anyone knows, can you tell me in the comments?) I would definitely recommend seeing this 🙂  


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2 thoughts on “What I Thought of the Divergent Movie

  1. Loved the movie aswel, although it is not generally my kind of movie and it was a bit too teenage for my liking. I had never read the book or even heard of the movie before going to the theatre and agreeing to see that movie because it was the best time wise. I however thought Tris and that guy had lots of chemistry. I was making jokes about their love story line while the movie was playing (the theatre was fairly empty). Although without knowing a thing at all about the story before watching it, I was able to call it on what’s happening. A very obvious story but entertaining. I was making jokes and mocking the story to my bf by saying what I knew was going to happen. Maybe it was because I had a good time at the theatre or maybe it was a guilty pg moment but I had a great night because of it and the popcorn was delicious.

    • I agree-I think it is more geared towards teens. I felt the way you did when I saw the Hunger Games-I think it would have been a lot better if I read the book (which makes me probably the only one who hasn’t read it…) 🙂

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