Author: Aya Ling

                               Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

      Release Date: 10/19/13


three stars

*I received this book for review from the author*

Quote I liked:

“‘Over here, people!’ Giles, as usual, was exuberant. Today he was practically rubbing his hands with glee. ‘Today-is the day you’ve been waiting for!’ Ari had a sense of impending doom. Somehow, the more enthusiastic Giles appeared, the more apprehensive she’d become.”

Goodreads Synopsis:

Who says a girl can’t wear a dress and wield a sword?

It has become fashionable now for princesses to run away and seek adventure. Princess Arianna of Linderall, however, is willing to stay home and be proper. She screams when she sees spiders, enjoys sewing and dancing, and always looks at her reflection first thing in the morning.

What happens when her great aunt, the first woman warrior in history, decides that Ari is too “traditional” and sends her off to the Royal Rivieran Academy of Fighting Arts? Can she survive the vigorous physical training and earn the respect of her peers? Moreover, can she attract the attention of a prince even when she’s forced to relinquish makeup and dresses during training?

My Thoughts

       This book is the sequel to Princesses Don’t Get Fat. Ms. Ling was generous enough to give me this book for review! I had sincerely hoped that this book would meet my expectations because of how much I enjoyed its predecessor. Unfortunately, I was disappointed with this book. I found it to be quite slow and it took me awhile to read because of that. It seemed to drag on for a long time. Also, this book was almost to similar to the first one. The characters were very similar, as well as the occurrences.

       I loved that the characters from Princesses Don’t Get Fat were characters in this book as well. I also really appreciated the character of James (the main character’s love interest) and thought he was really cute. The end of the book was great, as it gave the reader closure.

       Overall, I would recommend reading the first book over the second. The second book was a fairly good read, which I would recommend to any age, as the content was suitable for all.


 The Book:



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