The Gallagher Girls Series

Due to the reading slump mentioned here I have a guest poster! 




The Gallagher Series Review (No spoilers)

      Hey fellow book readers! My name is Cassandra and I’m guest blogging! In 2012 Kathy (owner of this blog) recommended me the Gallagher Girls series, and I put the book series in my never ending TBR pile. In February there was a huge snowstorm and I had nothing to read. I had a couple unread books on my shelf and one of the books was I’d Tell you I Love You, But Then I’d Have to Kill you by Ally Carter. I read the book and enjoyed the book, but I was hesitant on finishing the series. In July all of the Booktube community was participating in the Booktube-a-thon and one of the challenges was to start and finish a series. I tweaked the challenge a bit and I started the second book in the series Cross my Heart, Hope to Spy and finished with Only The Good Spy Young and read the last two books later. After I finished Only the Good Spy Young, I literally said “I NEED THE FIFTH BOOK NOW!” I finished the whole series yesterday and I absolutely loved it. Now that I’m done my rambling about the story let me tell you a series overview.

The book’s main character is named Cameron Ann Morgan a student at the Gallagher Academy Exceptional Young women in Roseville, Virginia. She has three best friends named Elizabeth Sutton (Liz), Rebecca Baxter (Bex) and Macey McHenry. Now you must be thinking this your average boarding school. Well let me tell you it’s not your average school. All of the girls that attend this school are training to be spies in the CIA, FBI, MI6 or the Secret Service. The girls are living with average high school drama, boys, gossip and what not. Now I can’t say much without spoiling all six books for you, but what I can tell you is you better go out and read this series.

The Gallagher series is a fun easy read for all you spy lovers out there. I am a huge spy lover! Just ask Kathy! I give this series a five out of five stars because I love the writing style it keeps you entertained especially all the funny comments Bex makes. There are not a lot of spy books out there that I know of. I think all of you should read and enjoy this amazing series. Thanks for reading guys!


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The first book in the series.


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