Hi everyone! I just wanted to let you all know that I am in fact still living, but none of you would know that because I haven’t posted in about A MONTH! I’m super sorry, I was very busy with school and the production of my new YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFlLbPIfPPrNkzcgJIfkaJA/videos). It seems like I blinked and suddenly it’s December 22! I had midterm exams last week and I am so thankful they’re over and I can now relax over break. I’m hoping to post a couple times during the week over the course of the holiday, so please stick with me for that! Also, I’m extremely excited to announce that I have a new design for my rating icons (instead of stars) and my signature as well as a blog button, which I will add to my blog over the next few days. I’m also participating in a buddy read with my lovely friend Olivia, who is the creative genius behind my new icons. We are reading the book Obsidian, and will prospectively be posting everyday for that. I’ve read the book many times so far whereas Olivia has not read it yet, so definitely follow her blog so you can read both perspectives (https://brewingupbooks.wordpress.com/). Also, feel free to participate in this read-along and comment your thoughts and opinions! That’s all for now; catch you later!

Kiss 4


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