Countryside: The Book of the Wise (Countryside #1)


Author: J.T. Cope IV

Publisher: Village Green Press, LLC.

Release Date: 7/16/13


3 star kiss

*I was sent this book for review from the author*

Goodreads Synopsis:

You have a power within you, one that is within everyone…It s the same power that fills that building, that keeps that tree alive…and the same power that has attracted your attention…I know it s all a bit strange to you, but I assure you it is quite real…

Eleven-year-old Luke Rayburn has never seen a skyline without skyscrapers or fallen asleep to anything but the sound of traffic. But his life is about to change in ways he never imagined.When his father leaves for a year of military service, Luke and the rest of his family move into their grandparents home in the remote town of Countryside, a place like no other. There, Luke will be drawn into a centuries-old quest for an almost-forgotten book whose secrets will determine the fate of the world. He will have to reach deep to discover the power within him as he battles the forces of darkness and an alliance of sinister men who seek to destroy any who get in their way.

My Thoughts:

This book was very interesting! I was drawn in when the author asked me to review it and drew a sort of parallel to the book and the Percy Jackson series. I was then extremely curious and decided to give it a read. He generously sent me a SIGNED copy and I am so thankful for that! Firstly, I love the cover. It has lots of different colors and I think it was very well done. The artist definitely spent a great deal of time on it. Secondly, Cope was extremely gifted with detail and description. I could really picture the setting and the characters vividly. He also made the characters very relatable with the reader and I definitely felt connected to them. I found the plotline to be unique as well.

I did, however, have an issue with the pacing of the novel. I found Book of the Wise to be a slow read until I reached the last hundred pages or so. I also became really annoyed with how somewhat passive Luke, the main character was. He didn’t seem to be fazed by the majority of what occurred, nor did he actively seek answers to unresolved questions (I definitely would have in his situation!). I detected multiple grammatical errors (mainly in terms of repetition), which got on my nerves. In one part of the book, the word “retarded” was used as an insult, which I thought was offensive. However, as a side note, I do realize the unfortunate reality that it is frequently used to insult someone, but I really wish it weren’t.

Overall, I thought it was a good book and I would have appreciated it more if I were around eleven years of age. Did I find it to be like Percy Jackson? Different elements of the book did remind me of Riordan’s series, however, not enough that I would read it solely based upon that. Yes, I would recommend it to younger readers and I truly think you should give it a look especially if you are in upper elementary or middle school. I did find more good aspects of the tale than bad, but I don’t think I would re-read it. I am curious about the sequel though!

Kiss 4


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