Making Time to Read

Hi Friends,

So, this is quite a short post, but I just needed some ideas on how to make time to read. Lately, I’ve been so caught up with school and just life in general that I have found myself having trouble reading as much as I want to! If anyone has any tips for me that would be fantastic!

Thanks a bunch,

Kiss 4


4 thoughts on “Making Time to Read

    • Thanks! I’ve kind of stayed away from audiobooks for who knows what reason, but I think I should definitely give them a try!

  1. I’m super weird and wake up like 5 hours before my fist class (It’s at 10!), and I tend to get some reading done then. Obviously waking up early isn’t something everyone is willing to do, but I personally get a lot of stuff in general done during this time, like laundry, homework, blogging, etc. (Keep in mind though, I also go to sleep really early, so I’m not recommending trying to function on 5 hours of sleep! Lol)

    • Thanks so much for the suggestion! My problem is that I have to leave my house at around 6:44 am for school, so there isn’t much time in the mornings unfortunately!

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