The Novelty of Life: Chapter Kathy

Hi everyone!

So if you follow my blog regularly you would know that I do life updates on occasion, so I decided to give them a title! Anywho, life is pretty good albeit somewhat stressful. I have a bunch of colleges I need to visit before I start applying in August. I also want to figure out a major too. I know I want to double major whatever I do with English, but what I double major that with is kind of a mystery…I also have a bunch of summer reading to do for school next year as well.

In other news, I just got back from a four day retreat I had to go to for school and I absolutely loved it! I definitely met a lot of people who I didn’t really know that well in my class. We also couldn’t bring a cell phone, book, magazine or the like with us, which I thought was practically the end of the world, but turned out to be pretty relaxing to get unplugged for a few days.

How are you guys doing??? What’s happening in your lives right now???? Comment below!!


Kiss 4


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