The Once Upon a Time Book Tag

Hi Friends! Yes, I’m still alive and blogging; I recently started school again so I had to jump into the swing of things before I could write a new post! In honor of the new season of my favorite TV show, Once Upon A Time, beginning very shortly I found a tag called the Once Upon A Time book tag. See the original video here.

1. Emma Swan: Your favorite heroine



*Yes I realize I use this book in pretty much every tag, but I love it!!!
2. Henry Mills: Your favorite side-kick


3. Evil Queen/Regina Mills: A series (or Character) that got better through the books


4. Mr. Gold/Rumplestiltskin: A villain you should hate but love


5. Belle: Your favorite book

*I have way too many but one is

6. Killian Jones/ Captain Hook: Your favorite mysterious (dark) character

One of my favorites is Patch

Hush, Hush (Hush, Hush, #1)
7. Baelfire/Neal: A character who never stopped trying.


8. Snow White & Prince Charming: Your favorite couple

Roth and Layla (as opposed to Zayne)

Seven Dwarfs
9. Sleepy: A book that made you tired

10. Happy: A book that always makes you happy when you think of it

11. Dreamy/Grumpy: A book you thought you’d love and hated


*Not hated but was severely let down

That’s it! I tag anyone that wants to do it 🙂 If you’ve read any of these books and felt the same or differently, let me know in the comments!


Kiss 4

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