Sisterhood of The World Blogging Award

Hi Friends!

I was nominated for this award with different questions back in 2014, and when Tanya at A Book Paradise nominated me recently, I was super excited to answer new questions for the award! Thanks so much Tanya!!


The rules are:

-Give a shout out to the person who nominated you

-Insert the award’s logo into your blog post

-Respond to the questions you were given to answer

-Choose ten bloggers to nominate and pose ten questions to them

Tanya’s Questions for me were:

1) Who is your favourite artist at the moment and why?

I don’t necessarily have a favorite artist right now, but I’m loving the song Here by Alessia Cara; I relate to it so much!
2) What is your favourite season and can you pick a book to match?

My favorite season is winter and I choose Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone because it makes me feel cozy and refreshed like winter.  Also, for some reason I always associate the series with winter. I’m not sure why! They do play the movies on TV a lot around that time…
3) Who or what inspired you to start a blog?

I actually started blogging on a different blog with a few of my friends called Pages in Paris but I then wanted something that was just my own creation so I started The Novelty of Life!
4) What would be your dream job and why?

My dream job would be an author. I would love to create worlds that people can get lost in and inspired by. I think writers are not given nearly enough credit, because they really make a difference in people’s lives in a tangible yet intangible way.
5) Name a bookish trope that you hate seeing in books

I don’t really know if I have one!
6) Pick three qualities that you like about your personality

I like to think that I’m a good listener, have a positive attitude and treat people kindly.
7) What is your favourite book you have read so far in 2015

My favorite book so far is probably either Every Last Breath or The Jewel. 
8) If you could pick a fictional world to live in, which one would it be and why?

Hogwarts because it’s Hogwarts.
9) How do you organise your bookshelf?

I have a rainbow bookshelf (I also have ones that aren’t organized) and so my books are organized by the colors of the rainbow.
10) Name one weird thing about yourself. 

I’m pretty germaphobic.

My questions (re-using most of the ones I created when I previously did this):

  1. If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?
  2. Why did you become a book blogger?
  3. What is/was your favorite/least favorite subject in school?
  4. Which character from any book do you relate to the most?
  5. If you could meet any author who would you choose to meet?
  6. If you had the chance to eat lunch with your favorite book character, who would it be and what would you say to them?
  7. Do you prefer hardback or paperback books better?
  8. Do you re-read books? Why or why not?
  9. What is your most read genre of the year so far?
  10. What is your favorite place to read in?

I tag:


Thanks for awarding me Tanya!!


Kiss 4


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