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Hey Friends!!

So I’ve been SUPER stressed about my finals with school and on top of that I’ve been sick lately, which is why I have not posted recently! I asked my friend Jacqueline who is an AMAZING booktuber (she just hit 10,000 subscribers…so proud of her!)  and also one of my lovely friends from school if she could write a guest post for me. I hope you all check out her channel: she works really hard to make her fantastic videos! https://www.youtube.com/user/Jbooklover13

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Hi Guys!

I’m Jacqueline from Jbooklover on Youtube and today I’m going to be guest blogging to talk all about Booktube!

Now what exactly is Booktube? Booktube is a community of people on Youtube who record themselves talking about books. For the past two years I have been apart of it. Similar to blogging, vlogging is just the video format featuring videos involving book reviews, book hauls, and book tags. For me personally I decided to make a vlog instead of blog since I am not the best writer. I had been watching Youtube ever since the beginning and loved how people could create whatever content they wanted. I finally decided in 2013 to make a channel and to this day I am so happy I did. If you are interested in making a Booktube channel here are some things to keep in mind.

  1. Planning is key
    1. Making Youtube videos requires a lot of planning and time. For me depending on the video it could be a 2-7 hour process. That includes recording, importing, editing, exporting, and uploading. I like to plan out time in my week to do those things. Most likely I won’t upload a video the same day I record it simply because I don’t have the time to but if I plan things right sometimes I am able to. I make time for the things I want to do because they make me happy. So although this might be a long process for me I always love doing because the end result makes it worth it.

2.  Don’t feel pressured into anything

Whether that be buying an expensive camera to film with or buying an abundance of books never feel like you have to do something to “fit in”. For me I started off filming with my laptop. I loved filming on my laptop since it was so easy to film and edit. I think when your first starting off it is important to get use to the process of filming and editing. I used my laptop to make videos for a year and overtime I started getting better with the process. I now have a higher quality camera which does improve my content but I don’t think it is nescaryr to have especially if it is too expensive.

For book buying never feel like you HAVE to buy a book because everyone loves it OR you even have to buy a bunch of books each month. I love buying books that have multiple positive reviews even though I don’t know really what it’s about. When it comes to buying a lot of books at the same time I have always been that kind of a person. Before Booktube I used to be obsessed with (still am) beauty videos. Hauls are such a big thing to do and I loved watching them. When I started my channel I brought that aspect over doing monthly hauls with a great amount of books in them. That buying process works for me but it might not work for you. When I buy 20 or 30 books in a solid month I am prior to purchasing them saving up in order to make those big purchases. Also never feel like you even have to buy books. I personally don’t have a library near me but if you do that is a great option. Also ebooks are wonderful because not only is it travel friendly but they won’t take up any space since they are on a ereader. In a lot of cases ebooks are cheaper then the physical copy so you could save money that way. In conclusion you need to find out what does work for you and never feel like you have to change that to fit in.

3. Have fun

Always remember you made your channel or blog to talk about the thing you love, books. Never feel that just because you only have 12 subscribers that you aren’t good enough. My channel has always been about expressing my love for books and connecting to other people who share that same love. I have always found it to be fun and yes it might take some time or money to pursue that love of mine but at the end of the day it’s my passion. I choose to make videos because I love it not to have a multitude of subscribers. Yes, it is wonderful to have many people watching your videos but it’s not the main reason you made your channel.

Overall both blogging and vlogging are amazing formats. Just like the book blog community the booktube community is a wonderful place where people come together to discuss books. If you are debating on making either a blog or a vlog account definitely pursue that desire. Don’t hold yourself back from doing something you want to do.

Thank you for reading!

Jbooklover xx


Thought Progression While Reading Eleanor and Park

*Looks at cover*

I’m. Obsessed.

*Begins reading*

This is probably going to be another over-hyped book that I don’t like as much as everyone else in the entire galaxy.

Okay…Not sure why any of this is relevant to the plotline

This is kinda sad

Oh, wait, this is extremely sad

UGHHH I thought it would be a cute love story


Park is talking


I wanna hug him

This is like a breath of fresh air

This is like a leisurely stroll through the realm of hades

OOOOOOOH that’s why everything is relevant


Yay this is growing more and more positive!!!!!!!

*Book explodes*


The end.


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