A Christmas Kerril

*I was sent this book by the author to review honestly*

A Christmas Kerril

Author: Denise Jaden

Publisher: Createspace

Release Date: 08/17/15


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Goodreads Synopsis:

In this modern take on a holiday classic, high school junior, Kerril, faces her past, present, and future to be reminded of the good in others, and in herself.

Haunted by the memory of the worst of her divorced parents’ public Christmas blowouts, Kerril, will do almost anything to avoid the upcoming tinsel-filled season. Unfortunately, a teacher with a grudge casts Kerril as the lead in the school’s holiday production. To add to the misery, she will star alongside ultra-awkward Adam as her love interest.

Wanting to ditch the play, Adam, her parents, and Christmas altogether, Kerril accepts an invitation to take off to a cabin with her ultimate dream crush, Perry – only Perry may not be the guy she hoped he was, and it’s not until she’s left Adam behind to fend for himself onstage that she realizes he might just be the guy of her dreams.

My Thoughts:

If I can be so bold, I’d like to say that this book renewed my faith in ARCS (Advanced Reader Copies). Recently, the ARCS I’ve read have disappointed me to say the least. As a result, I was actually dreading this when I first opened the book, but I was met with a pleasant surprise! I have read many reviews about A Christmas Kerril and the common theme amongst all of the negative ones was a dislike of the main character, Kerril. Yes, I did feel the same way at first, but then I thought about it and realized that because she is so selfish and miserly, it completely brings out the character change that occurs by the end of the novel. Also, it is a tale meant to mimic that of Dickins’ A Christmas Carol, and I think that the author did a great job portraying that. I wished she developed the idea of the baker a bit more (Kerril had a huge baking obsession) and added some improved transitions between certain scenes. However, as a whole, it was a very cute story that is perfect to read in snowy weather and around Christmas as well. I think with a professional editor it would be better, but in general I would highly recommend this book if you want a refreshing YA novel, with some major themes mixed in (such as bullying, speech impedments, cheating in relationships, etc.). Be aware that it does use some foul language, and disrepectful attitudes towards those with impediments  (which did really irriate me, but is essential to the plot I think).


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Classics I Want To Read in 2016

Hi Friends!

First, I apologize for the low energy, I am essentially falling asleep as I write this so stick with me! It’s a new year and I have decided that in 2016 I want to make a goal to read five classics that are not assigned in school. Now, you may be thinking that five does not seem like a huge number, but for me it’s a pretty realistic goal because I am a fairly slow reader to begin with. I also haven’t read too many classics in general relative to what I feel like I should have, so this should be a good way to start. I don’t typically pick my books for a challenge ahead of time because I am very much a mood reader, but I think in this case if I don’t choose them now, I may not read them at all.

Here is a tentative list of the five classics I want to read this year (this might change as I go):

  1. 725647

This is at the very top of my list, because I have been wanting to read it for AGES. I absolutely love the movie and Pride and Prejudice is one of my all time favorite books and I think I am going to love it.

2. Frankenstein

We read excerpts of this book in school this year and I really enjoyed what we studied. I was very disappointed that we were only reading a couple chapters, and I definitely want to read the whole novel. I actually rented the graphic novel from the library just this afternoon and hopefully once I finish that I will be dying to read the original text.

3. 93

I used to adore this movie when I was much younger and read the simplified classic version for children. However, I never read the original which I have always wished to do. Last Christmas, I received a gorgeous copy of the novel and I am hoping to read it this coming year.



Much like the previous book on this list, I used to love watching the movie adaptation of this text and reading the simplified children’s version. Also, the same author penned my favorite book The Secret Garden, and so I hope I like this book as much as I did with that one!

5. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (Tom Sawyer & Huckleberry Finn, #1)


This well known book has been sitting on my shelf for ages. I read The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn two years ago for school and I had mixed feelings about it. Of course the books are very controversial, but at the same time I think that the topic of controversy was really what the culture was like in the year of its publication. I absolutely do NOT support the racism in the book and I 125% respect those who won’t read it because of that. However in my opinion, it will be very hard to find books from that era as a whole without racist undertones, especially those from the South because of the attitude at the time–> which is not to say there is an excuse for them whatsoever, but they are there. I am very interested to see how this book compares to Huckleberry Finn. 

Those are all of my classic reads for the year (hopefully more, but I want to at least get these done)…Have you read any of them? How many classics have you read and which do you recommend?



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Exciting News!

Hi Friends!!!

I’m super duper excited to announce my NEW SUPPLEMENTAL BLOG. Yes, I’m still keeping this blog and posting the same book content, buuuut I realized that I wanted to try blogging about life too! If you recall, I posted a bit about happiness recently and I loved it so much (and also you all seemed to like it as well) that I decided I wanted to keep writing about my life and my thoughts on it. I also didn’t want to bombard those of you who just want to read about books with random posts, so I made a new blog where I can do just that. I named it Chapter Kathy of course, which as you may know is the title I use for my life updates (which will now primarily be on my life blog). You definitely don’t need to follow it, and if you don’t want to follow it–> do not! I’m happy to see you on my book blog 🙂

Here is the link: https://chapterkathy.wordpress.com/

Happy Reading!

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