Exciting News!

Hi Friends!!!

I’m super duper excited to announce my NEW SUPPLEMENTAL BLOG. Yes, I’m still keeping this blog and posting the same book content, buuuut I realized that I wanted to try blogging about life too! If you recall, I posted a bit about happiness recently and I loved it so much (and also you all seemed to like it as well) that I decided I wanted to keep writing about my life and my thoughts on it. I also didn’t want to bombard those of you who just want to read about books with random posts, so I made a new blog where I can do just that. I named it Chapter Kathy of course, which as you may know is the title I use for my life updates (which will now primarily be on my life blog). You definitely don’t need to follow it, and if you don’t want to follow it–> do not! I’m happy to see you on my book blog 🙂

Here is the link: https://chapterkathy.wordpress.com/

Happy Reading!

Kiss 4


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