Questions We Ask Ourselves (As Told By Books)

Hiya Pals!

Recently I have been really looking for the value in each book I read. This is probably resulting from a combination of many factors but my interest has piqued about what I personally gain from every book I have read, am reading, or will read. Now the questions posed below are questions that I have personally felt that each book covers. Also, keep in mind that nothing is ever an extreme-and are also always circumstancial, as these questions certainly are. They are simply meant to make you think. So I would love if you could post your opinions on what the answers would be (respectfully towards others of course, but knowing all of you lovely readers that shouldn’t be an issue).

Let’s begin:

  • Is it better to love someone completely without fear of heartache or concern about that which is materialistic OR to protect yourself so much that you close yourself off in order to shield your heart?-> Eleanor and Park by: Rainbow Rowell
  • Should you sacrifice a bit of who you are for a short time in order to blend in with your surroundings OR should you not do so and risk ostricization?-> My Life with the Walter Boys by: Ali Novac
  • If it could potentially help someone else, should we reveal a secret OR should we keep confidential what is not our business to tell?-> Trifles by: Susan Glaspell
  • Shall we continue to follow our intuition even if everyone else says it is wrong?-> The Diviners by: Libba Bray
  • When they contradict the other, do we perform our duty to ourselves or to our loved ones?-> The Red Tent by: Anita Diament
  • If someone seems hostile and bitter, must we keep pushing until we break through their shell, OR must we maintain our distance to avoid a possibly confrontational situation?-> Beowulf by: Unknown


What are your thoughts on these questions? Has a book made you think so much that you formed your own questions and thoughts? Which ones and what were they?


Have a lovely evening,

Kiss 4




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