I Love Voldemort? (and other evil characters)


You know that character who you hate so much that you keep hoping the author has them die some sort of horrible death? Or maybe you don’t, in which case this would be extraordinarily awkward and you probably think I’m some sort of deranged psychopath…

Whatever, it’s my blog.

So anyway, those are probably the antagonists, who interfere with the protagonist’s daily life and the inevitable romance everyone sees coming but loves anyway.

Here are some examples (I own none of these picture rights in case for some reason you thought I possessed any artistic talent at which point I would laugh at you):


If you don’t know who this is kindly disapparate.


Witches from Macbeth


Janine from Divergent


Now prepare yourself for the worst, most hated villain of all time

Are you ready?

Sorry to do this to you.


Pulls out invisibility cloak.

It is these awful, infuriating and despicable characters that I admire just as much as the brave and heroic ones. In my opinion, if an author can make me feel so much hatred for a character that I literally want to throw the book at a window, I think they did their job. For what else is a story other than to invoke emotion from an audience?


Does anyone feel the same way? Comment your most hated characters below and check out my personal blog Chapter Kathy.

Have a great day,

Kiss 4




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