Beach Reads

Hi Everyone!

Things this post will be helpful with:

-Pretending you’re at the beach when really you’re just sitting at home with a fan and no motivation.

-Reading by the pool, because the pool is basically the beach without sharks, sand, and hoards of unsupervised children. Alright, maybe two out of three of those things apply.

-Maybe you are lucky enough to be at the beach right now, in which case stop going on the internet and enjoy the world. LOL just kidding, I really appreciate the blog readers, so stay on that web tweens.


So anyway, I’m headed to the beach soon. I know what you’re thinking. What, Kathy is leaving the house for once in her teenage life? Yes, imaginary person I am. I also clearly need provisions for this experience. By provisions, I mean books.

Below are a few of the YA books that I think would make great beach reads (I’ll post what I actually brought and read when I get back):

Don't Even Think About It

This book is just a fun, light-hearted and quirky read. It’s perfect if you want something to help you relax.

Avalon High

This book I actually read on the beach last year or two years ago. It was a great choice if you want a quick read, but also one that will pull you into a new world.


Just Listen

Anything by Sarah Dessen is perfect for the beach. This is my favorite book of hers.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid (Diary of a Wimpy Kid, #1)

This book is an awesome choice. Don’t be deterred that it is a children’s book. It will keep you laughing the whole time!


If you want any genre specific recommendations beyond these, let me know what you’re in the mood for and I’d be happy to help!

Happy Reading,

Kiss 4