Why Kathy would you ever give this post that title?

My answer, dear invisible friend asking me, is I ran out of the creative genius I frequently use for artsy endeavors (which I will admit actually never happens) and as a result you have: BBBBeeeeeaaaaaaaaccchhhhh. Hopefully you read this with an “ahhhh” sort of feeling in which case maybe you like it, but if you read it any other way, I deeply apologize for irritating you.


If you read my last post you would know that I just went to the beach (by just I mean like a week or two ago) and I acquired some new books. Unfortunately I didn’t get that much reading done, and only read a bit of

Northanger Abbey

(not the same edition)

Despite bringing six books with me-better overprepared than under I always say (well I sometimes say. Okay I think it occasionally but it counts)

But while I was there I did acquire some books, as the local library down the beach was having a book sale. So I got:

The complete Lux series, one of my all time favorites

(Number one is pictured)




and a couple Chicken Soup for the Soul books

So yep a little disappointed with what I hadn’t read but it was a relaxing weekend so that’s all that matters!

To all of my fellow American readers, I hope  you have a happy and safe fourth of July!


Kiss 4





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