Holiday Series

Hi Friends!

If you are celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow, Happy Thanksgiving! So many people ask me for book recommendations for holiday gifts for friends who like to read, so I thought I would come up with a series of book recommendations every Wednesday leading up to Christmas, which is the holiday I celebrate. I completely understand that not everyone celebrates Christmas, so this will also be helpful I hope with any holiday gift if you’re not sure what to get someone.

Picture Book Recommendation:


I absolutely adore this book! I think it is an excellent teaching tool for children and it is just a wonderful gift I’m sure they’ll love. It is a great choice for teaching new vocabulary as well as the importance of following interests and developing personality. It is so cute, and I am completely in love with the illustrations.

Middle-Grade Book Recommendation:


I have been obessed with this entire saga since I read this novel oh so many years ago. This book has something in it for everyone. I think it is an excellent choice especially for a child who is not a huge reader, as it it easy to follow and extraordinarily gripping and humorous. It is also educational as well and will teach the child all about Greek mythology among other things.

Young Adult Book Recommendation:


This book is a great choice for YouTube lovers. It is completely hilarious and a quick and easy read. In addition though, I think it definitely has deeper underlying themes and includes encouraging messages for tough situations. As a warning, it is crude and contains some mature content, so if that is something you are concerned about then take look through before getting.

Adult Book Recommendation:


This book is really engaging and I genuinely think that everyone can learn from it. I personally found the book to be quick, despite how thick it is, and I was completely engrossed in it.

There you have it! Here is my first holiday post, and I hope it was helpful! Include any other recommendations you have below 🙂

Have a Safe Holiday Season,

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