2016: AKA the Year Kathy Changed Her Reading Goal

Hi Friends,

So 2016 brought a lot of change the biggest arguably being college. I had to adjust to a ton of new experiences, which definitely took a hit to my reading pace. For the past four years my reading goal has been 100 books, which I still have yet to reach. I began the majority of the year with the 100 book challlenge, yet realized that I needed to lower it. 100 books was too much of a stretch especially with college, so I came to the conclusion that making it more realistic would do wonders for my confidence and pride even if I didn’t reach the new one. I’m hoping that in this coming year, I read for myself and not for book count as I had done the past few years. I will post my 2017 reading challenges in the tab on my website as usual over the next few days! What have you done to change your reading style in 2016? What are your reading resolutions for the new year?

Have a Safe and Happy New Year,

Kiss 4


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