I hated the Miss Peregrine’s Movie?


Here’s a bit of a ranting post with spoilers for Miss Peregrine’s Home for the Peculiar Children the first book and movie. So recently, I finished the first novel in the series by: Ransom Riggs. I really enjoyed it!!! There were so many plot twists that I loved. For example that the psychologist was also the bad guy. It did creep me out that Jacob was pining after his grandfather’s ex but you know it was the olden days. That’s what I blame everything on. Oh there’s a bad decision being made in this movie or book? It was made over two years ago. Therefore, I blame history for this dumb choice. Anywho, I am still salty over the fact that they switched Olive’s and Emma’s peculiar abilities like what even was that? Also was it just me or did the movie go completely away fom the book plot? The ending I think bugged me the most. Like WHAT EVEN HAPPENED?????????????? UGH sorry I’m late on this train, but I thought I would vent. Have any of you seen this movie? What did you think and did I miss anything because maybe someone can enlighten me?

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3 thoughts on “I hated the Miss Peregrine’s Movie?

  1. I know it’s four months later but I just saw the movie. I read all three books about Miss Peregrine’s peculiar children and loved them all. The movie, however, felt rushed and so far from the plot it was hard to keep up with where they were going with the story. I wished the characters had remained the same as Emma’s gift of fire would have been subtle yet deadly. And Claire’s floating would have been novel, useful and endearingly vulnerable as she was also the smallest child.
    I don’t know why Tim Burton felt it necessary to change so many things. It would have been better to have planned out a trilogy and taken his time rather than rush through a long and complex story such as this one.

    • For sure!! I completely agree with you; there were so many frustrating things! I still have yet to read the next one is it good?

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