Chapter Kathy: How To SLEEP in College (yes it’s possible)


So I’ve realized that I’ve been answering “I’m tired” basically every time someone has asked me how I’m doing. Literally even when I’m not, it’s just grown into a habit. Yet, SO MANY other people do that too, and complain about never getting sleep.

So hey, let’s explore that:

This is a REALLY good topic because so many people struggle with just letting their mind flip from reading textbooks and articles, getting work done, and trying to get ahead that it’s definitely difficult to take a mental step back and let yourself relax or SLEEP.

Something that I have found myself saying a lot recently to friends that stress over falling asleep instead of getting something done for class is just that you are being AS productive getting sleep as you are getting work done.

WAIT before you leave; hear me out!!!!!

First, if you do fall asleep unplanned, then that is your body telling you “hey, I’m getting over-worked; we need to chill out for a bit.”

Second, you can’t do homework if you collapse of exhaustion; I’m telling you it is not possible.

Third, sleep helps you work more productively, cope with emotions and generally just function more successfully.

Still not sure? Here’s what the experts have to say:

“Poor sleep among college students is a major, growing problem associated with lower academic performance, higher rates of health and emotional problems, and development of chronic sleep disorders” (Teresa D. Valerio, Myoung Jin Kim & Kathy Sexton-Radek 2015).

So you literally are going to do worse in school, get in trouble with your health and emotional stablilty and could have sleep problems for the rest of your life!


Boi, listen I’ve got your back.

Here are some tips that I have for getting sleep, which have really worked for me:

  • When you have any free time at all; instead of watching TV, or doing work just take a 15+ minute nap. I swear you will feel so much more refreshed when you wake up and more motivated to succeed.
  • If you know that you have trouble sleeping and you have to get up early, get into bed two hours before you plan to fall asleep. Maybe that means reading a textbook in bed with a flashlight or watching tv (with lights out and pajamas on), but just letting yourself get into the state of “okay I need to fall asleep” has helped me so much.
  • You could get sleep medicine as well, of course it’s always best to check with your doctor before you do. They do sell some that are herbal and nonaddictive which basically just tell your brain that it’s time to sleep rather than completely put you to sleep.
  • Keep a bottle of water next to your bed (preferably reusable; go green!) so that if you get thirsty or need to hydrate it’s right there.
  • The smell of lavender is supposed to have really calming, sleep-promotive affects, so I’d recommend spraying around with lavender perfume or air freshener before you go to bed.
  • Lastly and perhaps most cliched, get your work done ahead of time! Yes I’m such a hypocrite saying this, but the best way to get sleep is if your work for the next day is already done and you don’t have to cram stuff in!



Have any other good tips? I could certainly use them!! Let me know in the comments 🙂


Kiss 4



Valerio, T. D., Kim, M. J., & Sexton-Radek, K. (2016). Association of Stress, General Health, and Alcohol Use with Poor Sleep Quality among U.S. College Students. American Journal Of Health Education, 47(1), 17-23.


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