Earth Day Post (Response to Original)


As promised, here are my responses to the Earth Day Tag I created last week. If you check out my last post you can see who I tagged!

Rules: Tag six people, credit the person that tagged you plus the creator, post these rules with the questions, and have fun!

Here are the questions:

  1. Conservation is a HUGE part of being kind to the Earth. Likewise, what is one book you would want to conserve for generations to come?   Harry Potter and the Sorceror’s Stone because I genuinely think it is a book that everyone can learn from. 3
  2.  The three R’sare reduce, reuse, and recycle. What is one book that could use some length reduction, one book that you would recommend to a friend, and one book that you would recycle because you don’t want it on your shelves anymore? A book that could use length reduction is for sure Inkheart by: Cornelia Funke. I feel like it is far too wordy which to me took away from a highly creative plotline. My selection for a book I would recommend to a friend is Glitter by: Aprilynne Pike. I thought that I would chose the book I last recommended, which I suggested because of how insanely new of a concept I thought this book had. It definitely had a few things that it needed improvement with (such as explanations for detailed occurrences) but it truly is a one-of-a-kind concept. As far as a book I would recycle, it would probably have to be Heart of Darkness by: Joseph Conrad. I personally just did not get into the novel at all and didn’t enjoy it whatsoever. 28194240330584902
  3. SAVE THE ANIMALS! What fictional creature would you bring into the world today and save? Most definitely a pygmy puff from the Harry Potter series! They seem like such adorable creatures and I would totally love them to be real.
  4. Many places are in danger because the water source is running dry. Pick a book that takes place in a water/ocean setting, which you think represents the beauty and/or necessity of water.  The answer to this question is without a doubt Ingo. It is not only one of my all time favorite middle-grade novels, but the way Helen Dumore describes her watery settings is genuinely so beautiful and makes the reader want to hop into the world it takes place.1022657
  5. Being Earth-conscious means that you have a great understanding of the world you live in and want to save. Pick your favorite non-fiction book that taught you something new. Probably the most recent non-fiction book I’ve read and loved is How to Win at Feminism. It is such a hilarious satire on preconcieved and unfair notions of women. It’s designed in magazine format to play on the sexist idea that women only like to and can read magazines. Also, the whole book is sarcastic, which I thought was brilliant and so funny. It doesn’t have a single non-sarcastic sentence in it and to me that made it all the more informative (it is definitely made for adults though so don’t read it if you’re under 18).28925254
  6. Write what Earth-related topic you’re most concerned about and what you’re going to do to help! I am honestly so concerned about a ton of different issues. Currently, I think one of the things I have been most mindful of is the amount of trash and waste I dispose of. So, I have been recycling like crazy and using everything I own until it is 100% used up. Also I’ve been using materials as containers to help my dorm be more funtional. For example, I recently finished a container of hummus so I cleaned it out, decorated it and attached it to the wall using a command strip to hold my hair ties. I also purchased a water filter pitcher instead of water bottles because it is SO much better for the enviroment and in the long run has saved me so much money as well,


That’s all for now! I am so happy with the way this tag turned out, so if you do it, comment the link below because I’d love to read it! Also a huge shout out to for asking me to create a list for them, so give it a read if you’re like me and make lists for everything!


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