Thanksgiving Book Tag


Thanksgiving here in America is fast approaching so naturally I searched a Thanksgiving book tag! I was not tagged in it, but it’s cool I’m still going to do it!!!!!!! Remember everyone to buy your food humanely 🙂

Thanksgiving 1

Here are the Rules:


1. Thank the person who tagged you!
2. Have fun filling in the answers with your favorite books!
3. Tag 5 blogs you’re thankful for to join in the fun!
This tag was created by Thrifty Bibliophile


Here are the questions:

History: Choose a book set in America.


Thankful: What book are you thankful for?


Thanksgiving Dinner: What book features a meal that makes you say “yum”?


Pumpkin Pie: Choose a book you think is very sweet


Food Coma: Choose a book that’s been on your TBR list forever that you really need to read.


After Dinner Drinks: What book is your guilty pleasure?


Drunk Uncle: Choose an unpopular book that you like.


Black Friday Shopping: What was the last book you pre-ordered?



That’s all for now! I tag anyone who wants to do it 🙂

Have a great weekend,

Kiss 4


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