Take a Moment


So finals week here at college is quickly approaching. Not only do I have the stress of my upcoming exams and papers that are due for my finals grades, but many of my teachers have been piling on work that they want to get in before the end of the marking period.

It is very easy to get extremely overwhelmed and falling into the stress trap that many people do and so I’m writing to just tell you this:

No matter what is going on in your life or what your are under pressure to complete or decide, allow yourself to take a moment of calm.

Easier said than done I know.

How I do this is by reading, watching videos or TV, or simply closing my eyes and appreciating the things that I have.

Recently, someone exposed me to the idea of savoring. This is basically when you take a mundane occurrence in your life that calms you down and appreciating it. For me, that is laying in bed and thinking about the first moment I am there and how relaxing it is to have no responsibilities other than to lay and sleep. For you, it could be taking off your shoes, breathing in fresh air, taking a shower, etc.

Whatever it is, make sure you take a moment to relax and I highly encourage you to try this technique I have found it very useful!



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