2017 A Reading Year in Review


I want to take the time to really sit down and evaluate my reading and posting of the past year and look at my goals for the new one.

So grab a cup of tea and start reading (warning this post may be long as at the moment I have entirely too much time on my hands) 🙂


In 2017, I had five separate goals set out for myself for the year.

As an annual tradition of mine, I brought back the POPSUGAR reading challenge (click here to see the 2018 challenge, where there are links to prior years).

If you are not familiar with this challenge, there are a set of goals to complete all relating to specific details, like book covers, genres, publication year,etc.

I completed 29/40 of these goals, minus the advanced ones, and I am quite satisfied with that. I always enjoy pairing my books to these challenges and they send me along to books I’d never have considered before.

Next, I hoped to complete the A-Z author and book title challenge, which prompts you to read a book by an author/book title (two separate challenges, not interchangeable) for each letter of the alphabet. The former challenge yielded a bit more success than the latter with 17/28 letters completed. Narrowly though, I was able to hit 16/28 with the book title challenge.  I’m mildly disappointed with this because I was really hoping to get more completed within those two challenges.

My third challenge was a self-created classics challenge which I decided to add because I wanted to touch upon more classics. My idea was to pre-select five classics to pick that I had to read this past year. Unfortunately, I didn’t read ANY of them.


I’m so salty about this, can you tell?

Finally, I wanted to as an overarching whole read 45 books. In this challenge, I completed 29 out of 45 books, which I am happy about because with college, I expected to accomplish less.

For 2018, I am going to be resurrecting all challenges and altering the classics challenge. I think I am going to cut my classics challenge instead to a goal of simply completing two classics this year and I will select them based on mood. I am also hoping to post at least twice a month on my blog 🙂

Thanks for reading until the end! What challenges did you complete last year? What was your favorite and least favorite book?


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