My Rating System

1 star kiss (1)

One smooch: I did not like this book at all.

2 star kiss

Two smooches: This book was alright. The only reason I didn’t dislike it was because there were a few good parts in it.

3 star kiss

Three smooches: I liked this book. It was a good read, however, I probably won’t re-read it.

4 star kiss

Four smooches: This book was really good, and there is a very high chance I’ll re-read it, but it didn’t completely blow me away.

5 star kiss

Five smooches: This book was phenomenal; I absolutely adored it!

3 thoughts on “My Rating System

    • That’s definitely how a lot of people do their rating system! I tend to read books I don’t know much about, so I just base it off of my reaction to it!

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